Project development

The three main products of the project are the guided reflection procedure, the video learning environment, and the handbook for construction of action-oriented teacher knowledge.

The Guided reflection procedure (Husu et al., 2008; Leijen et al., 2014; Toom et al., 2014) consists of tasks which support three stages of reflection: selecting critical incidents from a videoed lesson, having a dialogue about the two incidents in the form of oral reflection, and writing a report (written reflection) including theoretical references.

The procedure has been researched and tested (for more information see Dissemination).

In the three deliverables, you can read about the results of analysing the outcomes of testing the guided reflection procedure, next to the suggestions of how the procedure can be used in teacher development.

2.3 Testing of the guided reflection procedure

2.4 Analysing the outcomes of the guided reflection procedure

2.6 Guidelines for user support activities (of the procedure of guided reflection)

The revised instructions for the developed guided reflection procedure can be read in ACTTEA_Guided reflection procedure (practical instructions)

Video learning environment is an electronic platform that can be used in teacher education programs in all partner institutes for supporting student teachers’ action-oriented knowledge construction. The video learning environment will allow student teachers and both university-based and school-based teacher educators to reflect, widen, share, and implement pedagogical practices and knowledge resources related to teaching, teacher learning, and supervision.

The video learning environment has been tested for use. Ten video clips from each country have been selected and provided with English subtitles. They have been uploaded to the environment as examples of student teacher practices.

The deliverable facilitates the use of the video library as a source of examples, and as a platform for learning used by (student) teachers and teacher educators.

4.2 Guidelines for using video learning environment

The first results of testing were presented at INTEND 2014 in March.

The handbook for construction of action-oriented teacher knowledge is primarily meant for schools to support and sustain an ongoing professional teacher development. It targets school leaders and in-service teachers. It can be employed in supervisory practices as well as used for self-study and studying with peers. The handbook is an educational tool that presents methodological patterns on how to identify practices and heuristics on how to understand those practices. Both are illustrated by descriptions of authentic cases from teaching practice. From each of the four countries three cases are presented.

The three deliverables provide practical suggestions for teaching by way of descriptions of teaching strategies grounded in both theory and practice.

5.1 Teaching strategies pack

5.2 Methodological patterns

5.3 Digital modules

The handbook can be read in ACTTEA Handbook

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This project is carried out with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

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